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So. Busy. At. Work. No laptop at home. I think I'll take the Loner challenge for today and cop out of writing anything real. Back with more in a little while.
Update: Ahh- No Loner!! No diary. What? Hopefully she's just screwing around with her template. Can't take the Loner Challenge, it's not up anymore!!
People can be hard to deal with; every patient presents with an individual personality and unique set of complaints. I find that no matter how difficult the patient, once they get naked, they're helplessly dependent upon me. Which is good because I need to be needed. I'm working on that with my therapist. Sometimes I use this technique to knock them down a notch; say Mr. Jones comes in to have a wart on his finger frozen and he is a particularly nasty character; well, *guess* he has to get naked because it's doctor's policy to have all the patients disrobe and get into a gown. Uh-huh. That's correct, Mr. Jones. Naked. Nude. Totally. Yes, that means your underwear too. Not such a tough guy anymore when you've got your hairy ass hanging out for the world to see.

Then there's the opposite patient, the one who doesn't want to keep their clothes on. The minute you sit them down they start lifting, unzipping, tugging and pulling their clothes off to show you every little blemish. Oh, they also have been having some discharge lately, would you like to see their underwear? Would the doctor like to see it? Also, they've been itching and flaking lately so they've collected all of the debris off of their bed sheets and bathroom floor and put it inside an envelope that "maybe the doctor could look at under the microscope" and see whether or not there's bugs in it. Then, there's the women who come in and happen to have on their sexiest, laciest, thongiest underwear and bra on, make up fully loaded, hair coiffed, at 8 o'clock in the morning. Now, I don't know about you, but I usually save that for *special* occasions, Dr.'s visits not being one of them. These women are obviously looking for a rich man and are not below picking up their health care providers.

In other news, I'm so hungry I could eat a biopsy specimen. Just kidding.
I think William Shatner is my father. We have exactly the same color eyes. Mine are only a touch greeener. Same color as bad diarrhea.

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