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44/100 Bits Of Minutia

1. I was born on July 21, 1975 @ 4:39pm at a hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

2. I had 2 brothers and a sister that died before I was born. They drowned in my mother's car after it was swept off of the road. She was driving to her parents house on higher ground during Hurricane Agnes in June of 1968. Their names were Thomas, Lila and Andrew and they were 3, 2 and 6 months.

3. I am the middle of three living children, I have a younger brother and an older sister but we're all very close in age.

4. I've never truly been outside of the United States.

5. My parents are divorced. My mother remarried 3 years later and is still married to the same man today. My father remarried and divorced his first wife after he found her in bed with her best friend, Sherry. He is now on his third wife and things seem to be working out. For now.

6. I love the feeling of slipping on a clean pair of lightweight cotton socks with just enough Lycra in them to lightly hug your feet.

7. I've been married for 6 years and have a 5 & 1/2 year old daughter. You do the math.

8. For my honeymoon, Gabriel and I took a one month road trip across the southern half of the U.S. and returned through the central U.S., we went 10,000 miles only to find out that the Grand Canyon actually closes a few months out of the year. How one can *close* a canyon is totally beyond me, but there we are...

9. I work in the medical field in Nursing.

10. High school took me 5 years to complete and I never quite made it through college.

11. I am a member of Mensa.

12. I have a gigantic tattoo on my back that's a picture of a naked lady in a tree. Looked totally classy hanging out of my wedding dress.

13. I have a tattoo on my ankle that I did at my friend Jessica's house, with a razor and a bottle of India Ink. Everyone that has seen it asks me why I'm writing on myself.

14. I love Artichokes, fresh, steamed with a dish of lemon butter on the side for dipping the leaves.

15. My mother's family is registered in the Blue Book.

16. My mother's father claimed to have disproved Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

17. I love anime. Love. It. Although, I wouldn't call myself a connoisseur because I don't follow the genre too closely. I just know what I like and what I like the look of.

18. I have a Siamese cat. His name is Lucian. He's a good boy.

19. I've lived in Maryland, Illinois, Ohio and Florida. I've traveled across the United States and back, literally, and have spent time in Canada (love Toronto with all of my heart) and across the Texas border in Mexico.

20. I lost my virginity at 13 years old to my first boyfriend behind a set of tall pines in my backyard. I was so scared he couldn't really accomplish much; it was a bit of a fiasco.

21. My husband has traveled far and wide and has lived in Panama, Southern Mexico and India. He promises to show me the world one day.

22. I can't say the word "bibliophile". Every time I try, it starts to come out as "pedophile". As in: "I collect books & I've always considered myself a pedophile!" Now I just tell people I love to read.

23. I worry about choking to death on small objects far more often than is healthy.

24. I've had a variety of paranormal experiences during my life, including coins dropping out of thin air, right in front of my eyes.

25. When I was fifteen, I was involved in a car accident when my boyfriend fell asleep at the wheel of my sister's car while he was driving us home from the coast. I received the worst injuries and nearly had my nose cut off of my face.

26. As a child I loved to swim and felt more at home underwater than I did on land. I would get sunburned and my dad would call me his "little tomato".

27. I've worked as a waitress, telemarketer, fast food burger-person, stripper, cashier, home health aid, video store counter person, aide-de-camp for a lawyer, maid, secretary and other nefarious positions that I'm not at liberty to discuss.

28. I'm terrified of flying. Aviaphobia. Not just scared, either, literally and certifiably terrified.

29. My husband is a full time college student majoring in accounting with an eye on law school. He likes me to tell everyone that he is an "Independent Consultant" when asked, "what my husband does for a living". If "Independent Consultants" go to school full time while their wives earn the only income for the family, stay out late on the weekends drinking with their brother and cousin and work 40 hours a year at one of their father's firms making $20 a hour to file papers, then and "Independent Consultant" he is indeed.

30. I have no best friend. I move too much to keep one.

31. I love to cook and Epicurious is by far my favorite website.

32. I love to eat too.

33. I have $710.82 in my bank account at this very moment. In a few days I will have roughly five bucks.

34. I have learned that ADHD (or as it is now called, ADD mixed type) is inappropriately labeled as a “learning disability” when, really, it is a handicap.

35. I have a good singing voice and have always wanted to take vocal lessons. I know a woman who sang as a Mezzo Soprano with the Cincinatti Opera on occasion and she told me that a woman's voice is at its best around her 40's, so, apparently, I have a little more time to procrastinate.

36. I. hate. hurricanes..

37. One band camp...No, I tease. When I was 10 I tried to bury a dozen eggs in the ground because I thought that they would hatch.

38. I'm a Cancer/Leo.

39. I had the diamond on my engagement ring set into my wedding band after I got married because federal law states that if you declare bankruptcy, no one is allowed to take your wedding ring. This is called having foresight.

40. My advice is to steer clear of Platinum jewelry; it's a scam. Platinum is soft like lead and dulls and scratches easily. To keep it in good repair, you have to take it to a jeweler who charges you 100 bucks to buff it with 8000 grit paste, in turn removing some of that Platinum that you paid an arm and a leg for AND everybody still thinks it's only white gold.

41. I hate it when you walk in a room and everyone gets quite, 'cuz you know they were talking about you.

42. I hated it when I was in elementary school and the scholastic book orders came in for all of the other kids and I never got anything because my mother was too lazy to care. Funny how you remember the small things.

43. I recently got satellite radio in my car and my favorite station so far is the "New Wave" channel. It makes me feel SO dated. But come on, Peter Murphy? Echo and the Bunnymen? Oingo Boingo? Totally, totally takes me back. I'm so psyched about Stern coming in January. Actually, that was my entire motivation to buy Sirius.

44. My favorite reality TV show is America's Next Top Model. I would love to say that I hate reality TV, but I would be lying.

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