Tuesday, Jul. 19, 2005 @ 1:12 p.m.

TMI !! Be forewarned!

Gabriel and I have been married for 6 years; we dated for 14 months, so all said, it's been over 7, close to 8 years we've been together. This relationship has seen knock down-drag out fights, stinky farts, a three day false labor child bearing marathon, dieting, deathbed vigils & I once scrubbed his diarrheic explosion off of the bathroom walls on my *27th birthday* when he ate too many fried chicken wings. Nothing is sacred between the two of us, nothing.

So you can imagine my surprise Saturday when I asked him to see if he could feel my IUD with his fingers and he looked at me like I had asked him to toss my salad. Perhaps I'm missing something here, but nearly everything of his has been in there at some point, including his child, and it's certainly not something I could get the neighbor to help me out with, so what, exactly is the problem? He said he didn't know, it was just "icky".

Pardon me? Icky? I'll show you "icky", I said. Let me squirt some glue up your ass and then you can feel it dribbling out of you and coating your inner thighs while you're beating tracks for the bathroom to get yourself cleaned up. I'm not asking for much here, I continued, just the doctor recommended monthly check to make sure my little plastic buddy isn't floating, lost, in the depths of my uterus and might I mention that this IUD WAS YOUR DAMN IDEA ANYWAY. So get in there and if you're not back in 5 minutes, I'll send in the troops.

Surprisingly, that got the job done and yes, my IUD is snug as a bug in a rug, for those of you who were wondering.


I find it somewhat unnerving when I'm speaking to another person and they won't make eye contact with me. There are some people that will look over, under or next to your head, or even stare in the middle of your forehead, but will not look you in the eye. I've always wondered what the psychology is behind this because the behavior seems very Beta, like this person was raised in a home or lives in close proximity to someone who is very aggressive and whose aggression is perhaps triggered by direct eye contact. It's all very Lupine, but humans are pack animals by nature and we exhibit hierarchal behaviors, even at our most cultured and refined. Refusing to make eye contact during conversation also seems dissassociative, like the person you're speaking too can't connect with you on an emotional level and doesn't see you as another creature that exists outside of their reality. Almost like they see you more as a voice speaking inside their head, rather than a living, breathing human being.

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